Working together

Commitment to Anti-Racism and Cultural Inclusitivity

Insight Design is Committed to: 

Continue to educate myself on anti-racism and be self-aware of inherent racism by listening to Black voices and authors such as Angela Davis, Layla Saad, Ijeoma Oluo and Ibram X. Kendi.  I am committed to learning historical facts, studying today’s socioeconomic issues and self-reflecting using critical thinking.

Insight Design intentionally collaborates and supports Black businesses.  My choice of donation as a monthly subscription for 2021 was: Soul Fire Regenerative Farm since sustainable farming heals the planet and Soul Fire is embodying healing of the planet and from ancestral trauma.

Insight Pilates recognizes the importance of trust in all relationships: family members, neighbors, friends, mentors, work & school colleagues,  and public representatives and officials.  Community is so much more than the town you live in.  Insight Design is committed to working in and working with safe spaces for all people. The best way to establish trust is to engage in respectful conversation.  I’m game!