original ILLUSTRATIONS & Paintings

Accurate aesthetics in various media: colored pencil, ink, watercolor, guoache, acrylic, and oil. Spark the joy of nature in your viewers and inspire with insightful imagery of your subject of interest. Commission an original work of art or purchase a gliclee print. Digital JPEG files for print and web provided with exclusive and non-exclusive licensing options.  Now offering Pet Portraits as part of this service.

Graphic Design

Layout and art generation for logos, magazines, pamphlets, business cards, maps, printed posters and banners/graphics for websites. Using Adobe Creative Suite, specifically InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator to enhance your message and make your business offer more memorable.

ILLUSTRATIONS and Infographics

Infographics to educate stories about science beautifully. Encourage science learners of all ages to engage memorably with the intricate details of scientific processes.

Anatomy in Clay Workshops

Learn your anatomy with a hands-on 3D-art inspired course by building anatomy with clay on a skeletal model designed by John Zahourek Systems (  Online Zoom workshops available by appointment.  Course materials can be customized for any topic in anatomy/physiology/kinesiology. Short 4 hour overview course up to 7 part series of 4 hours each.  Insight Design specializes in making the journey through learning anatomy relevant to you and your colleagues.